Skverski kipar

Branko Istvancic

Artizana, Ulica grada Vukovara 222, Zagreb,

Stanislav Bavcevic (1954-2009) was a mechanical engineer, who worked at the Split shipyard in Croatia, as well as a “shipyard sculptor.” For years, he made statues out of shipbuilding leftovers. Using cold, crude steel, he came up with an infinite number of shapes and figures. With simple tools and a piece of steel, he could create a bust in a few minutes, as well as undertaking more monumental works, such as a 50-metre crucifix from a construction crane. He found his job in the shipyard, but also his inspiration and the raw material for his art.

Datum vytvoření: 14.09.2017

Filmař: Branko Istvancic

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