Brussels Echoes with Jihlava Films

For several years, we have seen and heard the birth of a new tradition: screenings of Jihlava IDFF films in Brussels. This year, the organizers have included the short film “The Bridge,” which was chosen as the best Ukrainian My Street Film of 2016, in the programme.

Finding a selection of quality films from Central and Eastern Europe is not as easy as it might seem in the European centre. Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival and Brussels’ Cinéma Nova joined forces and decided to screen films that reverberated the most among Jihlava viewers and jurors. The filmmakers, on the other hand, get a chance to find out how their film is perceived in a context different from the Central European one and how new audiences respond to it.

This year, the selected films include the Ukrainian “The Bridge” which bewitched the Brussels organizers by its unusual narrative combining documentary, archive footage and animation. In its positive, poetic and playful form, it shows the new life of a Kiev bridge which becomes a place of encounter for local people, whether they be artists or random passers-by.  The connection of the theme of public space and an innovative film language is simply the most direct way to the label of “The Best My Street Film,” whether it is made in the Czech Republic, Visegrad countries or Ukraine.

The Echoes of Jihlava IDFF will be heard first at the opening ceremony at the European Parliament on February 8 and then they will move to Cinéma Nova where they will reverberate until Sunday, January 19. More information about the programme is available at Jihlava IDFF and Cinéma Nova. Can you hear us?