A film from Pilsen wins the second edition of My Street Films

The nominated films create a unique audiovisual memory of Czech cities

As for the films from the Czech capital, the jury was most intrigued by Jakub Marek’s portrait film Shift following the beggar Punky and the poetic film The Place capturing the atmosphere of Vítkov Park by Burmese student of Prague’s FAMU Khin Hsu. Two films from the Pilsen region were nominated as well; while Petra Krejčová, director of Follow the Arrows, searches for the meaning of arrows painted on houses from the First Czechoslovak Republic with the help of random passers-by, the story of a building for refugees that is paradoxically empty today is explored through the eyes of the local citizens by Ondřej Bojo, director of Balková.

In his film Homes set in Ústí nad Labem, Jiří Kadeřábek employs a unique form to enliven the derelict street Na Nivách, once the most prestigious address in town. A group of filmmakers from Tři Ocásci café chose the method of pirate broadcasting; Gorkacz follows the transformation of a Brno street to a centre of cultural events during the City Week from the critical perspective of onlooking fellow citizens.

Due to its playful form and original approach, Marie Lukáčová‘s polemic about the meaning of borders in today’s Central Europe differs from all of the above mentioned films. The title CBDS stands for the Czech Border Defence Society.


Three newly discovered talents

The three members of the jury decided unanimously that the third place will go to CBDS. The jury appreciated primarily the fact that the film “responds to the current theme of borders and identity” and pointed out the creative contribution of the filmmaker “who made an effort to try out various methods – voice-over, re-enacted video art passages and animation.”

The second place goes to The Place in which the filmmaker “looks at a seemingly ordinary place through the eyes of a foreigner in a very sensitive way, thus creating an essayistic portrait of one of Prague’s parks.” Both films will be screened at Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2015.

This year’s winner of My Street Films is Petra Krejčová who will personally present her film Follow the Arrows at London’s Open City Documentary Festival. The jury decided to award this film because “the filmmaker introduced an architectonic element alluding to the history of one house and to the remains of the Second World War in a very lively and attractive way. The film draws on the opinion of passers-by, however, its form surpasses the common survey method by far. It points out a detail revealing a number of great stories that can only be told by a certain generation of the occupants of the house. The theme of the film was the closest to the nature of the My Street Films competition.”

All of the nominated films will be screened during the award ceremony of this year’s edition of My Street Films on November 26 at 8:45 pm at the Small Hall of Světozor Cinema. The winning My Street Films from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, where the project has expanded this year, will be screened as well.