First Date with Authors

Viola Ježková and Ivo Bystřičan, who are themselves filmmakers and teachers, will consult the film concepts submitted to our spring concept competition in the following months. We can look forward to films that look at selected topics from an anthropological and poetic perspective, deal with the variability of nature, architecture and society, cross national borders as well as the lines between day and night.

The authors include Tereza Plavecká who would like to make a documentary essay set in Čimický Grove in whose vicinity she grew up and thus formed a strong personal relationship with a piece of urban wilderness. Lucie Machartová, maker of the short film Culture: Ground Zero, on the other hand, explores abandoned buildings and unused urban spaces. That is also why she is fascinated by people gathered around the Autonomous Social Center Klinika who grow up as freely as the fruits in a community garden. Václav Holas will introduce the activities of another neighbourly group; that of the Czech patriotic charitable community of Baráčníci. Although they might find common themes to discuss with the Klinika community, they have not managed to attract the young generation. Yet another fascinating tradition that has survived in the world of dating apps is an animal market whose atmosphere has enchanted Pavla Mudráková. Many a member of our film workshop has volunteered for a trip to Hodonín where on Sunday before dawn, an elusive organism of breeding animals comes alive, supervised by sellers who use their voices to attract attention and get the best catch.

Širín Nafariehová dedicates her film to young people straddled between various cultures – Czech and Iranian, Icelandic and Ukrainian, Dutch and Indonesian. The theme of national identity is also examined by Míla Bednářová (maker of The Award) who is of Ukrainian origin but grew up in the Czech Republic and went through the Czech education system. She, too, is surrounded by friends whose parents come from all corners of the world and who sometimes feel a little “weird”. Saša Gamak might identify with some of that; she moved to Lidická Street in Brno and she likes to observe how the local businesses (shops and a theatre, fast food restaurants and bars) as well as the appearance and sanity of passers-by change in the course of the day.

The Ostrava region will find its place on the online film map thanks to a film by Dominik Vontor who would like to make a portrait of local miners and the industry that has formed the character of the whole region. In contrast to that, Natalie Gravernor came up with a concept that sees Prague as a popular film location, whether it stars in a movie disguised as another European city or shows itself as a fascinating place that has shaped the character and lives of its inhabitants.

Have you already fallen in love? We have our eye on all of the concepts and are looking forward to the films born out of this first get-together. If you haven’t managed to submit your concept, do not lose heart – we only close the competition of finished films on September 15!