General Terms and Conditions of My Street Films, z.s.

Version in force as of July 1, 2018



  • You may reside in any country of the world
  • No age limit applies to My Street Films contributors; however, in case of minors, their legal guardian must give consent in accordance with these Terms


  • Films may be 30 minutes long at the most. The films must not be longer, including opening and closing credits. We will reject such films.
  • Films may be shot in any format (mobile phone, video-camera) and style (film, animated, illustrated, commented, silent, etc.)
  • Films must be localized using a postal code and/or street name, and identified by means of a Google maps designation. Any film that does not meet any of the localization criteria will not be eligible and will be removed from the website.
  • You should strive to make sure your film is factually accurate and fairly expresses your views or the views of people featured in the film.
  • Always respect the feelings and privacy of the people with whom your film deals or who feature in your film, in accordance with the Civil Code and other relevant legal regulations.


  • To submit a film, you must undergo an online submission process which includes a registration.
  • If your film is approved, it will appear on the website within 48 hours.
  • The submission of a film is free of charge.
  • Films which deal with any place within the Czech Republic and which meet other conditions of Competition Rules will be automatically enrolled in the current year of My Street Films competition in accordance with applicable Competition Rules.
  • You may submit an unlimited number of films.
  • Upon submission of a film, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Any film which the team of the My Street Films, z.s. association considers defamatory, which promotes goods or services, which promotes intolerance, violence or bigotry, which is deliberately inaccurate in its portrayal of people or places, or is inappropriate for children and youth, or is otherwise contrary to any law, good manners or the text of these Terms, will be removed from the website and the contributor banned from any further contributions. If your film is found to be inappropriate within the meaning of the previous sentence, we will contact you and inform you accordingly.



  • Any even indirectly identifiable persons featured in your film must give you written consent (see the downloadable form for adults and minors), in which they permit you to use their likeness and voice (and other elements and expressions of their personality, as applicable) in your film, at least to the extent corresponding to "License Agreement" clause of these Terms, i.e., so that you could validly grant us rights provided for in said clause. Likewise, you must obtain, to the same extent, a written authorization for the inclusion and subsequent use of any work and performance, or any other elements used audio-visually (e.g., sound recordings), from authors, performing artists or other holders of the relevant rights, if any work, performance or other protected elements of other persons are used in the film. Such consents may be obtained otherwise than in writing (in particular, the relevant person may be asked to confirm on camera that he/she consents), provided solely that the consents can be demonstrated in full and at any time (e.g., you keep a copy of the recorded material containing the consent). If your film features children, you need to complete a special written consent with their legal guardians.
  • The obligation to settle legally protected elements pursuant to the previous paragraphs applies in full to music as well – i.e., to the relevant copyrighted work, artistic performances and sound recordings. You are obliged to settle such rights with the relevant right holders (authors, performing artists, producers of sound recordings), their legal successors (e.g., heirs) or representatives (collective administrators, art agencies, etc.), but in any case always in such a way as to achieve a valid, full and proper settlement of rights in accordance with these Terms.
  • We reserve the right to request at any time that you provide proof of settlement of any of the above rights within a reasonable period of time determined by us. If you fail to duly comply with our request, we may remove your film from the website without further action, and to seek compensation for any damage we may incur in this context. Especially if your film is nominated for screening at Open City Docs Fest, MFDF Jihlava or other screening, we will request you present a license permitting such screening of the film.


  • By submitting your film, you grant our association, My Street Films, z. s., with its registered seat at Vodičkova 704/36, Nové Město, 110 00 Prague 1, Identification No. 046 75 843, the right (license) to use the film (for these purposes, a "film" is deemed to mean the relevant audio-visual work, its audio-visual recording, and any and all audio-visual elements used therein, whether original or not), on the following terms and conditions:
    • our association is entitled to use the film in any manner available, in particular to publish the film on any domains of My Street Films and Doc Alliance Films (Doc-Air, z.s.), and to use same there in the manner pursuant to Section 18 (2) of the Copyright Act, and further, to use the film by showing the recording of same within the meaning of Section 20 of the Copyright Act as part of any public screenings and workshops for schools or for the general or professional public;
    • the license granted by you further permits us, inter alia, to use separate static shots from your film in any promotional materials (e.g., printed matter, on-line promotion), whether for the purpose of promotion of your film, or in order to promote our association, the My Street Films project or other persons or services;
    • the license is granted as unlimited, i.e., unlimited in terms of territory, quantity, technology and duration (i.e., the license is granted for the entire duration of the relevant rights);
    • our association is entitled to process or otherwise modify, supplement, translate (including translation required for the production of foreign language subtitles) or aggregate with other elements so that your film could be used effectively and in accordance with regular artistic and technical standards, e.g., through editing, change of format or trimming;
    • our association is not obliged to use the license, whether in full or in part, and is entitled to assign the license or grant a sub-license to a third party, for or without consideration, including the right to permit the creation of a right chain;
    • the license is granted on a non-exclusive basis, and you will thus be entitled to continue using or licensing your film in full;
    • your authorship will be indicated in the customary manner (i.e., will not be indicated only where customary) in the use of your film;
    • all the above licenses are provided by you as free licenses, i.e., without any entitlement to any remuneration, whether financial or other.


The terms and conditions of processing of your personal data in connection with registration on our web are provided in "Principles of Personal Data Processing for My Street Films, z.s.", which can be viewed here.



  • You warrant that your contribution:
    • is your original work, you are authorized to provide same to our association for all the purposes specified above;
    • does not infringe on any third party rights in any way;
    • is not defamatory or obscene or otherwise contrary to the law, good manners or these Terms.
  • If your contribution contains any material pertaining to third parties, you are obliged to obtain a permission (both for you and for further use) to use same in accordance with the above text of these Terms, i.e., including the permission of all copyright holders, holders of rights related to copyright, rights to models, trademarks, business secret, privacy rights or other ownership or personal rights.
  • As regards issues not provided for in these Terms, the relevant legal regulations of the Czech Republic will apply (in particular the Copyright Act and the Civil Code).
  • If you have any questions concerning the My Street Films project, do not hesitate to contact us at, and provide your telephone number and name so that our team can get back to you promptly.
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