Inspiration from the UK

My Street Films was founded three years ago in the UK and has become very popular with the general public whose members participate in the project both as viewers and by making their own competition films. As a result, the organizers of the original model can already enjoy the richly documented film map.

The Czech version of the project enriches the British concept with a new unique element consisting in the patronage and active participation of 5 local leading documentary filmmakers who will make their own creative films as well as help the winners of the subject competition make theirs.

It is very interesting to draw inspiration from the films made within the British version of the project; you can watch all submitted films at The winning film of the last year was Richard by Matt Hopkins. The film tells the story of a piano tuner who has decided to live without a permanent address; he has become a sort of a self-imposed homeless man who gets up every day and goes to work though. Rod Main’s Niche in the Market placed second. The film captures the charm of the incredibly miniature stands at Brixton Market.