Interview with Petr Hátle about My Street Films project and trailer

A short interview with Petr Hátle, maker of My Street Films trailer. My Street Films – Your Street – Your Film. Make it! Fragments of three stories from Prague to inspire you.

1. How was the shooting of the My Street Films trailer and how did you select the Prague localities where it is set?

In my trailer, I tried to capture three different environments from the perspective of three of my friends. These included the park at Vítkov Hill, the Muzeum metro station and the State Opera; three diverse spaces inhabited by diverse people offering diverse story fragments.

2. What is the point of My Street Films, in your opinion?

MSF represents an interesting alternative to banal tourist guides which usually focus on mapping a city’s history or a sense of a “cool” place. In this project, however, anyone can capture a place that is near and dear to him or her and give it some meaning on a virtual map.

3. Is there a story, except for the project trailer, you would like to tell in a short film? What place inspires you?

I believe that any place can be inspiring; even looking out of your window can often make you understand essential things. As a notorious pervert, I would like to make a short video from the feared porn booths close to my home at Koněvova street; a sort of a romantic film with a political subtext.