My Street Films 2014 Has Its Winners!

100 submitted films, almost 60 competition films but only 3 winners; we presented the nominated films and announced the winners of the first edition of the project at a gala screening held on September 22, 2014 at Světozor Cinema.

The Small Hall of Světozor Cinema was bursting at the seams and the tension among competitors was growing… however, right after the beginning of the first film, the atmosphere became more relaxed and the screening was soon interspersed with laughter, emotions, applause and surprise. Each film represented an original film work. It was for this reason that the award ceremony was preceded by long debates of the jurors who have risen to the challenge of awarding the following films:

1st Place:

Na Knížecí by Taťána Rubášová

An elaborate portrait of a house and a street told by an eye witness. The director has managed to give a profound account of a particular place in an aesthetically attractive way and with a sense for detail, thus getting the closest to the goal of My Street Films.

2nd Place:

Behind a Poster by Michal Hříbek

The filmmaker deals with a social theme that citizens of any city can relate to. In an essayistic structure, the film deals with the concrete story of living behind windows covered by a billboard as well as with a general reflection on what is behind this phenomenon. We appreciate the effort for an original film language as well as the precise work with image and sound.

3rd Place:

Play It Again, Boys! by co-laboratory

A humorous depiction of the past and the present of a single place through the clash of two worlds.

The further nominations include:

Petřín – Schizophrenia Loci, Knížecí Waves, Gerstnerova St., Cihlabay, Do you know your neighbors?, The Guide at Madmen’s Cemetery, Machatého, Butcher in Depth, My Bahnhof Street.


We would like to thank all competitors, partners and viewers for their support!

Photodocumentation here.


Every street has its story but not every street has its film. MAKE IT!

You can submit your film to the next edition of My Street Films 2015.