15 September

Humans of My Street Films: Czech Edition

“Find your way to film,” says the motto of this year’s Czech competition. How did our authors, whether they were film professionals or amateur filmmakers, find their way to film?

30 June

Štítová Street Is Best Slovak My Street Film 2017

The jury comprised of Peter Gašparík (screenwriter, co-organizer of the 4 Elements festival), Peter Konečný (critic, and Nina Šilanová (programmer of Tabačka Cinema and Pocity Cinema)

30 May

UK, UA, yay! We’re showing films from the UK and Ukraine

A map only makes sense if it’s global so we’re adding more international films to ours – this time from the United Kingdom and Ukraine. If you’re wondering whether to go east or west on your holiday, join us on a film trip across Europe.

29 May


Our best short films go to Berlin in June. Since we have come to like crossing boundaries, whether in the realm of arts or in reality, on June 12, we will screen our films in the Czech Centre...

04 May

First Date with Authors

May afternoons are meant for rendezvous. So we, in the company of our tutors, Viola Ježková and Ivo Bystřičan, met the authors of the winning concepts who will make their own My Street films in the course of the following months.

28 March

Concept Competition: Don’t Forget the Deadline on April 20

We open the concept competition for the fourth time. If you have an idea for a short film inspired by the stories, people and places around you, send it to us at by April 20, 2017. Don’t keep your best concepts for yourselves; bring them to our film workshop!

24 January

Brussels Echoes with Jihlava Films

For several years, we have seen and heard the birth of a new tradition: screenings of Jihlava IDFF films in Brussels. This year, the organizers have included the short film “The Bridge,” which was chosen as the best Ukrainian My Street Film of 2016, in the programme.

23 September

The competition deadline is drawing near!

We announce the end of procrastination! Until October 1, we will be waiting for your short films that will become landmarks on our online film map.

23 September

How do Hana Kulhánková and Ondřej Hudeček see film?

We are introducing this year’s jurors who will pick the best film of the Czech streets in 2016. This time, the jury will include Hana Kulhánková, director of One World festival, director Ondřej Hudeček and head of My Street Films Diana Tabakov.