Vladimír Turner

Krymská a Mostecká, Prague 10,

In December 2014, I realized a site-specific installation entitled “Parcel” at the outdoor gallery ProLuka. I divided the empty area into three building plots by means of construction stakes. By this provocative act, I wanted to point out the fact that lawns, parks and similar spaces in our cities can be changed beyond recognition due to property development and the indifference of local citizens, turning into shopping malls, offices and organized parks that are often rather parodies of nature. Several weeks into the installation, which was supposed to last for several months, I was told it was completely damaged. Somebody intervened in my intervention? “Parcel” was damaged, or rather “de-parcelled” by a group of active local citizens. They pulled out the stakes and thus hindered potential construction. Several days later, a group of squatters passed by. Since there are several long-term empty buildings in the neighbourhood, they decided to express their opinion concerning the place as well, voicing their indignation at the construction of a new house by yet another act: by arranging the stakes so as to form the inscription “Klinika Is Alive” stretching across several metres and the squatters’ symbol. In this way, they expressed their direct support of the Autonomous Social Centre Klinika while making a clear stand on the freedom of people in the city and the things that are important to them. Thanks!

date of completion: 10.12.2014

filmmaker: Vladimír Turner

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