Doc Alliance Films

The online portal is the main project of the Doc Alliance festival network formed by 7 key European documentary film festivals (CPH:DOX Copenhagen, DOK Leipzig, FID Marseille, Jihlava IDFF, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Visions du Réel Nyon, Doclisboa). It represents an international online distribution platform for documentary and experimental films focused on European cinema. For a small fee, it offers over 1300 films accessible across the globe for streaming or legal download. The films are included in the virtual database on the basis of demanding selection criteria. The portal presents regular film programmes of diverse character ranging from presentation of archive historical films through world retrospectives of leading world filmmakers to new premiere formats such as the day-and-date release.

State Cinematography Fund

State Cinematography Fund was established on 1. January 2013, based on the new Act No. 496/2012 on Audiovisual Works and Support for Cinematography.

The Fund shall, in particular:
a) administer audiovisual charges, charges for broadcast advertising  and administrative fees in accordance with this Act;
b) maintain records in the audio/video sphere; 
c) provide support for cinematography; 
d) exercise ownership rights, including copyright and the ownership rights of performing artists, which pass to the state in accordance with another legal regulation;
e) exercise the audiovisual work producer rights that have passed to its legal predecessor in accordance with another legal regulation and the audio/video recording producer rights pertaining to it in accordance with another legal regulation;
f) grant the co-producer status in accordance with the Convention or under any other international agreement on film co-production;
g) provide film incentives, 
h) perform activities defined by other legal regulations.

Ministry of Culture, Media and audiovision

The Media and Audiovisual Department fulfils the tasks of the Ministry as the central governmental body for the area of audiovision, radio and television broadcasting, press, and other information means.


The Ministry of Culture is the central State administrative body for:

(1) the arts;

(2) cultural and educational activities;

(3) cultural monuments;

(4) matters relating to churches and religious societies;

(5) matters relating to the press, including publication of the non-periodical press and other information means;

(6) the preparation of draft laws and other legal regulations in the area of radio and television broadcasting;

(7) implementation of the Copyright Act;

(8) production and trade in the area of culture.

International Visegrad Fund

The International Visegrad Fund is an inter­na­tional orga­ni­za­tion based in Bratislava founded by the gov­ern­ments of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries—the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Poland, and the Slovak Republic—in Štiřín, Czech Republic, on June 9, 2000.

The pur­pose of the fund is to facil­i­tate and pro­mote the devel­op­ment of closer coop­er­a­tion among cit­i­zens and insti­tu­tions in the region as well as between the V4 region and other coun­tries, espe­cially the Western Balkans and coun­tries of the Eastern Partnership. The fund does so through grant sup­port of com­mon cul­tural, sci­en­tific and edu­ca­tional projects, youth exchanges, cross-border projects and tourism pro­mo­tion, and through indi­vid­ual mobil­ity pro­grams (schol­ar­ships, residencies).

Prague City Hall

The Department of Culture, International Relations and Tourism is a department of the Prague City Hall established for the field of culture, international relations of the bodies of the City of Prague, including relations with the European Union through the representative of the City of Prague in Brussels, and tourism.


Brno, lying between the Bohemian-Moravian forested highlands and the fertile South Moravian lowlands with vineyards, offers its residents and visitors a high-quality and attractive natural environment for living, business and recreation. The city is a unique cultural centre of the whole region. There are permanent theatre ensembles, opera, ballet and musical stages, a philharmonic orchestra, and you can also visit a number of museums, galleries and libraries, a recently modernized observatory and planetarium, a zoo and a botanical garden. More than 20 festivals of culture and theatre take place in the city each year.


Brno-Centre is one of Brno‘s 29 municipal districts since 1990. As the name suggests, it lies in the city centre on the banks of Svratka River, to the west of Svitava River. It has an area of 15 km2 and partially overlaps with the original city of Brno from 1850–1919 (called Inner Brno). As to the number of inhabitants, it is the most populous municipal district. Brno-Centre is a natural tourist, cultural, educational and business hub of the South Moravian metropolis.

A4 – Associations for Contemporary Culture in Bratislava

A4 – Associations for Contemporary Culture in Bratislava is multifunctional and non­commercial center in the centre of Bratislava, oriented to creation, presentation and education in actual forms of contemporary theater, dance, music, film, contemporary visual culture and new media art. The project Project is the completion of hard work of many civic & cultural organizations in creating centre that supports and presents actual art forms in the field of performing arts and new media art supporting live and innovative artistic creation.

Green Spider Foundation

The mission of the ZPOK – Green Spider Foundation is to enable nonprofit organizations to communicate and transmit their message through the media. Our work is based on the belief that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can only change the World if the World knows about them.

Krakow Film Foundation

Krakow Film Foundation is the main organiser of Krakow Film Festival existing from 1961. The Foundation was officially registered on July 3rd, 2003 and started its activity in December 2003.

It was established in order to increase the possibilities in different fields related to film: besides the Krakow Film Festival, the Foundation also organises other film events. The main goals of the Foundation are popularisation of the film and culture, film education, promotion of high quality films both in Poland and abroad, assisting in the professional and artistic development of filmmakers and the support of artistically ambitious film projects. We are also deeply convinced that our practice in organising one of the oldest and most renowned festivals dedicated to documentaries, shorts and animations allows us to carry out the project in the best possible way, leading to a large number of interesting agreements and transactions, especially in regard to our long-term co-operation with industry organisations, directors and producers in addition to our in-depth knowledge of the short and documentary film environment.

One World

One World is one of the cornerstones of the People in Need organisation. Since its inception in 1999, it has become the most important festival of its kind in the world and in 2007 it won a special mention from UNESCO for its contribution to human rights education.

Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival

The Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival is a celebration of creative documentary film and the greatest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. We conceive documentary films primarily as unique artworks dealing with significant themes.

Documentary Monday

Documentary films you will not see elsewhere. Screenings of handpicked films and discussions with interesting guests. Every Monday at 8:45 pm at Cinema Svetozor.

Open City Docs

Open City Docs is creating an environment where documentary film is seen as critical as other film genres and enjoyed by more and more people. It is a place where the next generation of film-maker can be cultivated, celebrated, nurtured and flourish. Live events and training programmes run throughout the year. Open City is a not for profit organisation that produces MyStreet, runs Open City Doc School and curates Open City Docs Fest: A festival devoted to exploring the power of documentary film; challenging and expanding ideas of what documentary can be. A live London based hub where people come together to celebrate the extraordinary and ordinary lives of others. The festival provides a screening platform and expert judging panel for shortlisted MyStreet competition films.  is a creative extension of the Uk based project My Street, a part of Open City Docs.

Radio 1

Officially established in the Spring of 1991, RADIO 1 actually began broadcasting in the autumn of 1990 as a pirate radio station. The station was situated inside the pedestal of the former Stalin Monument as a part of the Totalitarian Zone exhibition. Despite being met with an enthusiastic and appreciative response a broadcasting equipment was confiscated by the government several days after supporting the continuation of broadcasting and against State's monopoly of radio and television on broadcasting, it was signed by 30.000 people. In February 1991 the equipment was returned and RADIO 1 began to broadcast under its current name. It was the first independent privately owned radio station in the republic. The difference between RADIO 1 and other commercial radio stations is in its music program. Rather than concetraining on the usual hitparades, top 40s, and golden oldies RADIO 1 focuses its attention on more serious work, specifically on alternative, independent music of all styles. The most important thing for all the people from Radio 1 is to spread quality music.

Zažít město jinak

Every year, local communities and all of its actors  have an opportunity to engage in the neighborhood festivities known as Zažít město jinak. It provides an opportunity to the public to envision a different way of life in their very neighborhood, with less space for cars (moving or parked) and more for social life.

Abuco ICT s.r.o.

Abuco ICT Ltd. is a company specializing in information technology. It is a reliable partner for its customers and offers a professional approach, high quality and comprehensive services in the following areas:


User support
IT consulting
Structured cabling
IT training


Social networks
Web analytics


Customized applications
E-shops / CMS / CRM
Web hosting
Website management and development

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Architecture Day

Walking through Czech and Moravian cities with architects and theoreticians. The Association Kruh was established in 2001. It has organized notable public events and lectures on contemporary architecture since then. Aim of Kruh´s lectures and discussions is to initiate dialogues about both Czech and international high-quality architecture. The dialogues should include wide public, i.e. not only the close circle of architecture professionals and students of architecture. Kruh organized more than a hundred lectures of both renowned and emerging architects - and architecture theoreticians.


25fps film and new media magazine began life in 2007 as a project initiated by students from the Department of Theater, Film and Media Studies, Palacký University Olomouc. Regularly, we bring our readers reviews of latest films as well as interviews, analyses and reports from film festivals. We strive to focus on films and filmmakers overlooked elsewhere, always hoping to offer our readers fresh and original content. We also collaborate with numerous Czech and international film festivals and institutions (Summer Film School Uherské Hradiště, Artcam, Slovak film magazine KINEČKO, ČSFD, etc.).


International Film Festival Prague – FEBIOFEST was founded in 1993 by FEBIO, an independent film and TV company. Starting as an enthusiastically organized, basically no-budget event for a couple of friends and film buffs, FEBIOFEST has grown during the past years into one of the largest film festivals in the Czech Republic, which nevertheless still maintains its original profile as an audience-friendly festival.

Europe Media Nest

Europe Media Nest s.r.o. (EMN) was founded in Prague in 2014 as a private company in the Czech Republic. EMN supports media projects and maintains connections to the film industry.

Radio Wave

Radio Wave is a station for listeners with young minds. It will take you away from the mainstream stereotype. It discovers new music and covers current cultural and social events.


A2larm combines critical information on all kinds of current events and cultural reflection on politics. It brings essays, unpublished poetry and occasionally prose, reviews, reports and culture programmes. Each edition has a certain thematic focus. The magazine has a strong orientation towards mediating international art, an interest in alternative culture and preservation of monuments. In 2013, A2larm launched a website with an online daily version of the magazine. brings information about the contemporary cultural scene, regular tips for events, interviews, photo reports, reviews and interesting facts from the art world.

Aero cinema

The Aero cinema represents an ingenious blend of modern technologies with an original conception and design from the beginning of the 20th century. As a result, it has become an ideal place for audiences tired of mass multiplexes seeking good audio and video performances.

AZ translations

AZ Translations provides translation and interpreting services, film subtitles, projection of subtitles at film screenings, and complete language services for film and theatre festivals, filmmakers, cinemas, cultural organisations, NGOs and conferences.

Everything is in the hands of experienced production managers, interpreters, translators and subtitlers who work closely with the festival teams. We are not an agency; we are a group of professionals who have been doing and enjoying our work for more than ten years.

In addition to collaborating with Doc Alliance, we have worked on numerous other projects including: One World International Human Rights Film Festival, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, French Film Festival, Iranian Film Festival, Tibetan Film Festival, Four Days in Motion, Prague Pride etc.

Prague Institute of Planning and Development

The Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR Prague) is the main conceptual workplace for elaborating Prague’s city-wide strategic, conceptual and analytical documents and programmes such as the Metropolitan Plan of Prague, The Strategic Plan, the Manual of public Open Spaces, and the Conception of Prague Waterfronts, etc. IPR Prague is a contributory organisation established by the City of Prague.

The Metropolitan Plan describes and regulates the city by means of localities, which form the basic unit of the land use plan. They are the part of the territory described on the basis of their character. Each locality is unique and denominated unequivocally. Localities cover the entire territory of Prague; they are both inside and outside the city. For individual developable localities, their identity, the structure of public open spaces and the quality of the neighbourhood are described and set. For each locality, a height level will also be set corresponding to its character and position. For undevelopable localities, the character of the landscape is described and determined. The boundary between developable and undevelopable localities – “the boundary of developable land” – is the plan’s first and most important regulative.

PRAHA / Forum for architecture and media

Public space growing from the inside out, a meeting place and communication hub, a bridge between the city and its communities, subcultures, institutions and engaged citizens. Open, barrier-free, cherishing free movement and freedom of expression.