Bůh bez domu, dům bez Boha

Sára Englišová, Kateřina Tisová

Bolzanova 7, Prague,

Just a few steps from Main train station, hidden under highway, you can find social centre for homeless people called Naděje. Every week, for over 25 years a worship takes place there performed by Petr Ševčík, local preacher. The Bible says, "Be like the birds of the heavens, who do not care what to eat, where to sleep, what to dress, only be righteous." How much is this message paradoxical, if these are almost the only questions that homeless people ask themselves? Every Sunday, the preacher reads them the Sacred Scripture with passages about values and justice in a world that does not seem to be fair at all. Between reading such excerpts and singing biblical songs, the preacher goes on to tell stories about his life. He considers himself a missionary, who was sent here by God, to spread faith among people, who are viewed by the society with mixed feelings of compassion and contempt.

date of completion: 09.09.2018

filmmaker: Sára Englišová, Kateřina Tisová

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