Touch of Love

Pavel Ruzyak

Bellušova, Prague 13,

In the middle of the Prague housing estate is one small studio. This studio will not be noticed by any of the people, but there are very interesting things happening here. There is an art workshop for visually handicapped children. He meets a pedagogue and tries to get to know the world through his artistic activities other than through his eyes - he uses special toys to know what time is, to draw tactile colors what they know from other senses, and to use abstract natural materials that we usually don't think about and how difficult it is to pass it on to a blind person. It is this activity, taking place in the middle of many anonymous houses with people, that I would like to record and bring closer to a world that we do not really know much about, along with the obstacles these people have to quietly overcome. The film camera then becomes for us what we discover the unknown. The film was created as part of the My Street Films 2019 workshop led by Ivo Bystřičan and Viola Ježková.

date of completion: 16.09.2019

filmmaker: Pavel Ruzyak

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