What is My Street Films

Film Workshops and Seminars with Top Czech Documentarists

The year-round My Street Films project brings together the young generation and professional Czech documentarists. Each year in April, we announce an open call where anyone can submit their film concept and up to eight people can participate in free workshops with leading Czech documentary filmmakers. In September, we hold the My Street Films Awards competition for the best short documentary film whose winner can present their film at Ji.hlava IDFF. Throughout the year, we hold public screenings and seminars with guests from the film world. The project aims to help the participants reflect on the current issues through filmmaking in a comprehensible way, to improve media literacy and to strengthen a critical perspective of the media.

My Street Films Workshops

Each year in April, we announce an open call where anyone can submit their film concept. Our board selects up to eight applicants who can participate in workshops led by top Czech documentarists. Through seminars and consultations, participants learn the basics of documentary filmmaking with emphasis on the narrative structure. The program focuses on the ability of comprehensible and informed reflection of a selected topic, an apt articulation of ideas and stances, and the ability to communicate through the specific form of a short documentary film. The resulting films automatically enter the My Street Films Awards competition and are added to the online film map mystreetfilms.org to give a message about the social, political, cultural and other themes that are in the spotlight (not only) in Czech society.

My Street Films – Public Screenings and Seminars

Besides workshops for selected participants, we hold public film screenings and seminars. Together with invited guests from the ranks of Czech documentary filmmakers, we explore documentary approaches to the world, the work with the protagonists, the essence of documentary directing, as well as the possibilities of narrative construction via editing.

My Street Films Awards

The competition is held annually in September, anyone can apply. The submitted films must be of documentary form and up to 10 minutes long. The winning film selected by a jury of experts is screened at Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival. The film‘s author is invited to the festival; besides free transport, accommodation and a festival pass, they will get a chance to meet prominent global documentary filmmakers. The winning film will also get international distribution support on the online documentary film platform dafilms.com.

My Street Films @ School

The second educational platform under the patronage of My Street Films is MyStreetFilms @ School. At selected grammar schools and high schools, we hold 3–5 day workshops where students and professional documentarists create a documentary film together. Thanks to the theoretical and practical parts, students learn the basics of media literacy and critical thinking; the resulting film is submitted to the student section of My Street Films Awards.