Workshop at Finále Plzeň Festival

The competition section of the Finále Plzeň film festival dedicated to Czech cinema will present the film Daniel’s World by director Veronika Lišková. After the screening held on April 28, a workshop with the director focusing on the theme of working with the protagonist and assuming a position in the documented community will be held in co-operation with the festival.


Veronika Lišková graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in cultural studies and from FAMU in screenwriting and dramaturgy. From 2012, she works at the Institute of Documentary Film as head of the training programme Ex Oriente Film and the pitching programme East European Forum. She also works as screenwriter and director of documentary films. Her latest film Daniel’s World won the Audience Award at Jihlava IDFF and was screened at Berlinale at the Panorama section dedicated to remarkable creative films. This year, Veronika is one of the tutors who will consult the documentary projects of winners of the film idea competition of My Street Films.

Daniel’s World is a documentary portrait of a young man who is willing to admit his paedophile orientation in front of the camera, discuss it openly and share the intimate details of his life story. In general, paedophilia is a taboo subject; its film treatment stands or falls on the willingness of the protagonist to open up to the filmmakers on the most personal level. You will be able to learn about the theme’s research, the length of the film development, the transformation the film went through as well as the journey towards Daniel and the paedophile community from the director during the inspiration workshop.

“I believed that I would get the most powerful testimony if I focused on a single, particular human story which would take me further to the whole community. However, before I met Daniel, I had been to a whole range of meetings and I had spoken to twenty to thirty people. Daniel was only among the last ones.” – Veronika Lišková about the film preparation.

Daniel’s World

Daniel is twenty-five years old. He is studying at the Literary Academy and writes books. His short stories tell of a man who loves little boys. Daniel is a single member of the Czech paedophile community who has decided for a public coming out. He felt it was the next necessary step on his path towards overcoming fear; the fear of his surroundings, the fear of his phantasies, the fear of himself; the fear of being a paedophile. Daniel has gradually learned how to speak about his orientation with other people; some of them have learned how to listen to him. He knows that he will have to cope with more or less obvious mistrust on the part of the society again and again. Yet he still believes that his coming out is worth it. Can a paedophile live a lucky life? This is what Daniel asks himself every day. He keeps experiencing small victories and small failures patiently, hoping that despite all that he will never lack love in his life again.

The film screening will be held on April 28 at 4 p.m. at Měšťanská Beseda; the workshop will be held at the same venue at 5:30 p.m. The screening is accessible with a valid festival ticket; the workshop is accessible for free.


The partners of the workshop are Pilsen 2015 - The European Capital of Culture and the Municipality of the City of Pilsen.