Submitted Films

Vanishing yards, decaying houses, rotting blocks; a small stretch of a street built once in 1726 by the builders of the famous Dientzenhofer family from Prague’s Lesser Quarter. Our two houses are the last outpost; an island of historic oblivion; for in another 10 years unpunishable by law, it will be a quarter century since the last tenant has left; a certain Mrs Běhalová who used to babysit us… Since then, the facade has been flaking off, the wet roof trusses are groaning in the nights, asking the shaven roofs why it is that now, almost 300 hundreds years later, with all the technological conveniences available, the house is not being taken care of but left at the mercy of time and buyers. What buyers, you ask? You know too well where they reside; at mysterious islands where they pay no property taxes. Not even the sturdiest and the bravest baroque house, overlooking the tops of chestnut trees of Little Kampa through its dormer windows, can withstand such rudeness. No, it can’t survive. That’s what the current owners are after. They will only suck the core out of the house and build a brand new hotel, wellness centre, bunker there… perhaps they will need one. And Prague 1 will allow it. At least according to current laws. I wanted to film more but the anger and tears which have seized me for over a year left no power in me and it would be too much. Perhaps a documentary filmmaking team will help; I have a subject; I know of Wallenstein’s magic triangle which runs straight through the middle of Nosticova Street. What else could one do but go on.

Mysterious Island in the Mediterranean Sea Háta Hlavatá Nosticova, Prague